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Exuding calmness and harmony, a must have for minimalistic home decors, these subtle yet impactful masterpieces will add a dash of modernity to your wall décor.

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Intriguing Ideas to Style up Your Home with Decorative Wall Accents

Who would have guessed that in 2020 the life indoors would matter more than outdoors? But, here we are and finding silver linings in tough times by staying at home. If you are getting antsy in your home by looking at the same design and furniture, then here are some out of the box idea which you must try in your home. 

Cosmopolitan Ideas to Decorate Wall Accents for Home

- Design a Wall with an Artistic Touch

You don't need to paint the entire room for creating a creative space; you can paint a part of the wall where you work. It will refresh your workspace and will give you positive energy during work. Bring home the beauty of the ocean captured in round wall art. Hang it your workspace for inspiration during creative work.

Refurbish the plane wall by incorporating aesthetic wall accents. Empty walls are filled with possibilities to add texture to your room. As an art connoisseur, you can pick the items that add artistic value to your home. Bring table accents for the living room with impeccable craftsmanship and elegant design that matches your personality. 

- A Cozy Reading nook with Creative Wall Painting

Art and literature bring out human emotion packed in light hues and alluring words. A cozy reading space must feature artistic figurines and paintings to inspire the creative talent inside you. Bring home Marquina enamel wall arts with a splash of grey and black shade. This artwork takes you back to the 19th century as it is inspired by 19th century Mexican Muralism. You can adore beauty while indulging in the romantic poetry of the 19th century. 

Decorative Wall Accents for home

- Design Bedroom Wall

Need a makeover on the bedroom wall? Take some time to plan what aesthetic feature you want to put on the wall. Bedrooms are cozy and comfy and anything you put in should make you feel relaxing. Gong the vintage style you can keep lamp lights as bedroom wall accents. You can style the bedroom accent wall with European design lamp lights for an intricate representation of luxury and elegance. 

In all white bedrooms, the wall accents add a strong color and modern feel. You can decorate a wall of the bedroom as a feature wall that highlights the focal point of the room. You can keep artistic mantelpieces, symbolic figurines, or candle holders to decorate the wall. 

- Add Texture in Living Room

The living room is the center of attraction in the home. To unwind your thoughts at the end of a day or having a get together with family and friends, the living room always gives comfort. The accent wall living room ties up the décor of the home. Colors are important while choosing decorative wall accents. In a monochromatic room add the iron-grey and black platter to maintain the monochrome design. The light hues and wall art paintings play in contrast with each other. Place a wall art over the fireplace or near the coffee table for a playful plush creative design. 

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