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Imparting a brand-new character to your living space, our flower vases are perfect to be used with or without your botanical marvels.

  1. Peachy Golden Etched Vase
    Special Price ₹1,330.00 "was" ₹1,900.00
  2. Markina Glass Vase
    Special Price ₹3,570.00 "was" ₹5,100.00
  3. Lucid Agate Dream Vase
    Special Price ₹5,530.00 "was" ₹7,900.00
  4. The Champagne Duet Vase
    Special Price ₹4,690.00 "was" ₹6,700.00
  5. Kintsugi Planter, Large
    Special Price ₹3,780.00 "was" ₹5,400.00
  6. Kintsugi Planter, Medium
    Special Price ₹3,220.00 "was" ₹4,600.00
  7. Kintsugi Planter, Small
    Special Price ₹2,870.00 "was" ₹4,100.00
  8. Antique Glass Vase
    Special Price ₹1,680.00 "was" ₹2,400.00
  9. Gleaming Mosaic Vase
    Special Price ₹1,610.00 "was" ₹2,300.00
  10. Byzantine Blue Vase
    Special Price ₹1,470.00 "was" ₹2,100.00

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An Enthralling Vase Makes an Apartment Alive

To keep a touch of nature in your apartment, you can decorate with artistic vases and exotic flowers in them. A vase is an accessory of interior décor that has a timeless beauty and can be used in a variety of ways. The popular materials used in vases for home décor are porcelain, metal, rock crystal, and even glass. The endless design that is available in the market can be used as complementary characteristics in your home. 

Home décor Style with Intriguing flower Vases Online

 - Marquina marble styled glass

Marquina styled glass was first produced in Markina, Spain. To modernize home décor, you can purchase a flower vase online for a home. It offers a chic and sophisticated look. The vintage Spanish home décor figurine helps decorate the home in classic elegant themes. The flower vases are a great way to accessorize a space with minimal effort. Empty vases of classic design are a bandwagon everyone is following for classy décor. The vase figurines online are available in a variety of sizes and patterns. 

You can style the vase by incorporating ideas like keeping long stem flowers of bold colors to add natural fragrance and bold colours in your living room. The modern style of decorative vases can be put as a centerpiece on the tablespace.

 - Fill the emptiness with antique vases

Vases are good everywhere, you can place it at any corner of your room, and it will light up the room. Too much furniture can make your room overcrowded and uncomfortable. While a collection of vases kept in a pattern does not take much space and adds brilliance to the home décor design. You can purchase decorative vases online for a home to add vibrant texture and ambiance. You can choose subtle colors like black and grey to give light contrast to the bold color of the sofa and other decorative aesthetic pieces.

Renovate your home with decorative table vases online

- Shopping and renovating

Staying-at-home is the new normal of the post-pandemic world. Looking at the same design over and over during the pandemic is boring. This is the time when you can spend extra time renovating your home. Instead of going outside, you can stay inside and buy flower vases and table accents online. The miniature figurines won't take enough space and will give a new look to your simple home décor. 

You can buy one-of-a-kind aesthetic flower vases of glass or crystal design. Buy statement-style figurines like an emerald glass vase with an abstract design. The vase adds artistic and decorative swank. Buying a vase is a sustainable purchase so you can make it signify timeless beauty by putting seasonal flowers. 

- Nature and luxury

Make your living space close to nature by keeping a big flower vase for the living room. You can plant an indoor plant in the vase. It purifies the home by reducing carbon dioxide in the air. Metal vases and wooden style vases are more sustainable purchases in contrast to crystal decorative vases. 

The kintsugi vases are inspired by the Japanese art of repairing broken pieces. The symbolic meaning of kintsugi is to create something beautiful with broken pieces. Keeping this at home will comfort you at low times and will motivate you to bring out best with broken parts. You can buy decorative vases online for styling your home for artistic representation. 

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