1. Nickel Pickle Glass Bottle
    Special Price ₹3,220.00 "was" ₹4,600.00
  2. Murky Splatter Golden Glass Bowl
    Special Price ₹2,772.00 "was" ₹5,500.00
  3. Veins Of Gold Jewellery Box
    Special Price ₹2,721.60 "was" ₹5,400.00
  4. Dip in Abstraction bowl
    Special Price ₹3,124.80 "was" ₹6,200.00
  5. Great Barrier Table Accent, Gold
    Special Price ₹4,620.00 "was" ₹6,600.00
  6. Halo of Aurum Sculpture
    Special Price ₹2,923.20 "was" ₹5,800.00
  7. Fredrik's Foliole Table Accent
    Special Price ₹2,469.60 "was" ₹4,900.00
  8. The Champagne Duet Vase
    Special Price ₹3,376.80 "was" ₹6,700.00
  9. Kintsugi Planter, Large
    Special Price ₹2,721.60 "was" ₹5,400.00
  10. Kintsugi Planter, Medium
    Special Price ₹2,318.40 "was" ₹4,600.00
  11. Kintsugi Planter, Small
    Special Price ₹2,066.40 "was" ₹4,100.00
  12. Foliole Glit Sculpture, Large
    Special Price ₹4,838.40 "was" ₹9,600.00
  13. Foliole Glit Sculpture, Small
    Special Price ₹3,376.80 "was" ₹6,700.00
  14. Heliodorus's Elephant Dream Figurine
    Special Price ₹8,719.20 "was" ₹17,300.00
  15. Hera's Charioteer Figurine
    Special Price ₹8,719.20 "was" ₹17,300.00
  16. Tranquil Coastal Heron Figurine, Gold
    Special Price ₹2,419.20 "was" ₹4,800.00
  17. Tranquil Coastal Heron Figurine, Silver
    Special Price ₹2,217.60 "was" ₹4,400.00
  18. Gleaming Mosaic Vase
    Special Price ₹1,610.00 "was" ₹2,300.00
  19. Byzantine Blue Vase
    Special Price ₹1,470.00 "was" ₹2,100.00

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Top Decor Products Online That Are a Must-have For Your House

Are you thinking about refurbishing your house and turning it into an extravaganza? Then, you just can’t go for the “same old, same old’ designs! You will have to choose something that matches with your royal self. Here are a few home decor ideas that can help you out in this aspect. 

Flower Vases 

Whether it is about decorating the dining table or your bedroom, the elusive flower vases can fit almost anywhere and everywhere! Because of being exceptionally colourful yet sophisticated decorative products, they can add a touch of elegance and classiness in your rooms. However, if you want to fill your house up with a burst of colours, then you can include some flowers in them as well. 


Do you want to make your living room décor look a little bit quirkier than usual? Well, then, the figurines can prove to be quite beneficial for you as well. They usually come in different colours, sizes, and forms. Due to their excellent versatility and flexibility, they have become one of the integral parts of almost all the modern home décor ideas!  

Candle Holders

Do you intend to organize dreamy candlelight dinners with your partner quite frequently? Then, you can use our candle holders and light up a candle on it to get into the vintage French en grand mood. The exquisite design and artistic carvings on them make these décor products for home even more multipurpose and handy. Hence, if you do wish to, then you can also include them in your bedroom or guest room to add a classy feel in them. 

Best Home Decor Items to Lighten Up Your Living Room  

Giving your living room a whole new elegant look is a fantastic idea. You can get some décor items online that suit your characteristics and place them in your space. Here are a few products that can be ideal for you!

  •  Cushions:  Contrary to popular belief, the modern-day cushions can, indeed, change the appearance of your sofa as well as the whole living room altogether. A bunch of beautiful cotton-made cushions with unique embroidery work on it will make your room shine bright like a diamond.
  •  Table Accents:  Whether you do believe it or not, but the table accents are one of those decorative items for the home that can brighten up the overall look of your living room instantly. Just like the figurines, they are quite versatile as well. So, you can place them almost anywhere you want. However, if you do want to make the most out of them, then make sure to keep them somewhere isolated and let them show their elegance.
  •  Wall Accents:  When talking about the home renovation items that can change the look of your living room's boring walls, the first name that comes to mind is the wall accents. They are bright, vibrant, and, thus, can make even the dullest pieces of bricks to appear charming. There are different types of wall accents, and each has its own story. Get yourself an opal-shaped wall accent that reminds you of the beautiful seashores of Brazil. 

We have a wide variety of avant-garde home décor items available on our website. Check them out and make the most out of it!

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