Stay cocooned in an array of passionate scents, while you get drenched in the soothing radiance of our soy wax candles.

  1. Bundle of Joy Glass Candles, Set of 5 assorted fragrances
    Special Price ₹1,296.00 "was" ₹3,600.00
  2. French Lavender Bubble Glass Candle
    Special Price ₹504.00 "was" ₹1,400.00
  3. French Rose Ceramic Jar Candle
    Special Price ₹432.00 "was" ₹1,200.00
  4. French Rose Glass Candle
    Special Price ₹432.00 "was" ₹1,300.00
  5. Magical Musk Glass Candle
    Special Price ₹504.00 "was" ₹1,400.00
  6. Summer Meadow Ceramic Jar Candle
    Special Price ₹432.00 "was" ₹1,200.00
  7. Tropical Blossom Ceramic Jar Candle, (Set of 2 - Medium & Small)
    Special Price ₹792.00 "was" ₹2,200.00

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Fabulous Candles To Treat Your Senses With Warmth


A candle is an ignitable wick embedded in the wax that illuminates your abode and dives you deeper into its relaxing vibes. These have been lighting up the world since ancient Roman times, and today these have transformed into the delightful decor pieces that every home wants to take in. If you are looking for colorful, gorgeous candles to adorn your living space with warmth and grace, then Amorilio is the right choice for you.


Relax Your Body & Soul With Our Scented Candles


Had a rough day? No worries, light up our scented candles and relax! These make you get drenched in its soothing radiance and forget all your anxieties. These colorful candles take you on an aromatic ride and recharge your mood instantly. You can survive a bad day at work, or arguments with your loved ones, as long as you have these beauties in your home to help you ease up and bounce back strongly.


Apart from imparting a calm atmosphere and relaxing your mood, these scented candles can beautify your home decor to another level. So, go for the scented candles online from our exquisite collections and witness the magic.


Feel Luxurious With Our Soy Wax Candles


There are various candles available, made from different waxes and containing distinct aromas and scents. But do you know what makes our candle collections stand out from the rest? It is our magnificent soy wax candles. These 100% natural candles give you the luxurious and peaceful experience that you deserve.


Nothing can beat the fragrance of these candles that brightens up your spirits and takes you to a blissful state of calmness. That’s not all. As these candles burn longer, you can enjoy their alluring aroma and be in a relaxed state for a prolonged time. Apart from the fresh fragrance, their delicate texture adds an elegant note to your home. So are you excited to make these scented soy wax candles a part of your home decor?  


Our Jar Candles Can Create A Subtle Refreshing Atmosphere For You


Are you in search of exotic jar candles made from the purest of wax? If yes, then your search ends here. Our exclusive jar candles are smokeless and leave no residues. These candles have the perfect balance of soothing fragrance and glamorous appearance, making them into brilliant decor pieces that add a refreshing touch to your living space. 


Our jar candles can accompany your dining table, working desk and are ideal for your family room, bedroom, and bathroom as well. Their pleasing aromas can reawaken your senses and reduce your stress. These enigmatic glass candle jars come with a lid that preserves their fragrance for a longer time. Do you want to add elegance to any party or event that you are hosting? Our jar candles can do it for you seamlessly. So, enrich your ambiance and pamper your senses with our beautiful jar candles.


Add A Sense Of Simplicity To Your Decor With Our Glass Candles


What if you get the simple yet graceful candles that perfectly suit your special occasions and festivals? Sounds great, right? Our classic glass candles create a subtle aroma and beautify every corner of your living space. These candles are encased in high-quality glass, making them easy to handle, and these also add a class to your home decor.


So, add a touch of warmth and enhance every occasion of yours with these elegant glass candles.

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