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Stay cocooned in an array of passionate scents, while you get drenched in the soothing radiance of our soy wax candles.

  1. Blue Sky Glass Candles, Set of 3
    Special Price ₹550.00 "was" ₹1,100.00
  2. Bundle of Joy Glass Candles, Set of 5 assorted fragrances
    Special Price ₹1,800.00 "was" ₹3,600.00
  3. Cinnamon Orange Glass Candles, Set of 2
    Special Price ₹600.00 "was" ₹1,200.00
  4. French Lavender Bubble Glass Candle
    Special Price ₹700.00 "was" ₹1,400.00
  5. French Rose Ceramic Jar Candle
    Special Price ₹600.00 "was" ₹1,200.00
  6. French Rose Glass Candle
    Special Price ₹650.00 "was" ₹1,300.00
  7. Magical Musk Glass Candle
    Special Price ₹700.00 "was" ₹1,400.00
  8. Summer Meadow Ceramic Jar Candle
    Special Price ₹600.00 "was" ₹1,200.00
  9. Tropical Blossom Ceramic Jar Candle, (Set of 2 - Medium & Small)
    Special Price ₹1,100.00 "was" ₹2,200.00

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Delightful scented lighting for your home

100% organic, our luxurious soy wax candles will take you on an aromatic joy ride. Nestled in glass jars these soul soothing scented candles will transform your living space within moments. Set the mood of your choice, with a scent of your choice; just light one of our decorative candles and embark on a journey of romance, passion, quest or more.

Suave yet practical

Our luxurious, scented jar candles will not just transport you to your dream land but can also be utilized for the practical purposes of eliminating unwanted smells. Great to be used in any living space these scented soy wax candles promise “no more wrinkled nose”.

Enigmatic home décor

These candles are set in a trendy glass or ceramic jar, ensuring that they make for a safe lighting solution. Crafted in vibrant colors, they will brighten up the gloomiest of your days. Fitted with lids making them a great travel companion, also the lid keeps the scent intact for a longer time duration.

Create your desired ambience

Blending exotic aromas to create a memorable experience for you, these decorative scented candles ensures that mood setting is just a candle away from you.

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