Candle Holders

Lumiere your abode in a palatial glow through our opulent Candle holders and votives.

  1. Bougeoir Champagne Pillar Holder
    Special Price ₹1,562.40 "was" ₹3,100.00
  2. Bougeoir Touch Candle Holder, Medium
    Special Price ₹1,461.60 "was" ₹2,900.00
  3. Bougeoir Touch Candle Holder, Large
    Special Price ₹2,469.60 "was" ₹4,900.00
  4. Lucid Agate Eclipse Pillar Holder
    Special Price ₹3,024.00 "was" ₹6,000.00
  5. Lucid Agate Parabola Pillar Holder
    Special Price ₹4,740.00 "was" ₹7,900.00
  6. Cosmic Pillar Holder
    Special Price ₹2,620.80 "was" ₹5,200.00
  7. Aurum Pillar Holder
    Special Price ₹4,410.00 "was" ₹6,300.00
  8. Blue Sea Pillar Candle Holder, Small
    Special Price ₹756.00 "was" ₹1,500.00
  9. Blue Sea Pillar Candle Holder, Large
    Special Price ₹907.20 "was" ₹1,800.00
  10. Florida Glass Hurricane Stand
    Special Price ₹1,360.80 "was" ₹2,700.00
  11. Golden Ferrum Candle Holder
    Special Price ₹1,108.80 "was" ₹2,200.00
  12. Rouge Gilt Candle Holder, Set of 4
    Special Price ₹756.00 "was" ₹1,500.00
  13. Glitterati Votive Holder, Set of 4
    Special Price ₹705.60 "was" ₹1,400.00
  14. Gleaming Mosaic Candle Holder
    Special Price ₹1,058.40 "was" ₹2,100.00
  15. Dangling Red Candle Holder
    Special Price ₹1,764.00 "was" ₹3,500.00

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Redefine Your Home’s Lighting With These Pleasing Art Pieces

What can the candle holders do, apart from functioning as the base for your candles? Any guesses? These beautiful candle stands can create an attractive visual in your living space with their eye-catching designs and styles. Our exciting range of candle stands includes glass candle holders, votives, D'or Fantasy Pillar Holder, and pillar-style candle holders that can exhibit your eclectic style. So, give your space a fresh and glamorous look with our beautifully crafted candle holders and stands.

Sparkle With Our Classic & Modern Style Candle Holders

There are a plethora of candle stands online for you to choose from. But how are our candle stands different from the rest? You can tweak the ambiance of your space as per your imagination using our aesthetic candle holder collection. These grant a fancy and luxurious look, keeping your sense of style in mind. 

That is not all. Our eccentric candle holder stands make your home decor wholesome and impart a relaxing and warm vibe into your space. You can also stay prepared for every occasion that may come up with our candle stands of classic and modern styles that match the theme of your sweet home. So, what else do you need to have a soothing experience and make your home a dreamy paradise?

Let Your Kitchen & Dining Space Shine Through Our Candle Stands

Your dining space is the one where you connect and bond with your loved one's over food, right? Undoubtedly it is a space of lots of laughter, thoughts, and memories. So, wouldn’t you want to enhance its beauty with splendid artistic pieces? At Amorilio, we can make this process super fun and easy for you with our impeccable candle holder stands. 


These are a perfect amalgamation of sophistication and modernity that you can add to your dining or kitchen tables with no second thoughts! You can mix short and long colorful candles and uplift their glow with our definitive antique glass candle stands. Have you ever thought of giving the rustic iron look to your dining and kitchen space? You can go for it hassle-free with our elegant dark and grey-colored iron candle holders.


If you want to set a perfect mood for the family dinner or want to create a romantic atmosphere for the candlelight dinner with your special one, our gorgeous candle holders with quintessential designs are here to help you. If you are a fan of the French designs and styles, we can impart these into your kitchen space as well with our triplet candle stands. So, have you decided to revamp your kitchen and dining space already?

Make Your Home A Hub Of New Trending Candle Holders


Add A Vintage Look To Your Decor With Our D'or Fantasy Pillar Holder

Are you eager to showcase your creative and artistic persona through your home decor? If yes, Amorilio is the best choice for you. Our classic collection of European catholic church-style candle holders are here to satisfy your vintage taste. We also have an exclusive collection of metal candle stands that can impart a traditional look to your entire space. 


If you plan to throw a gothic-themed party for your buddies, our D'or Fantasy Pillar Holder can create the exact feel and atmosphere, just as you imagined. So, add these candle stands into your cart and experience the vintage artwork at your home.


Make Our Candle Holders As Centerpiece And See The Magic!


You deserve to have a living space filled with sophistication and grace. And we are here to make this happen for you with our alluring contemporary and classic candle stands. Make our candle holder a centerpiece of any room and level up its beauty and calmness in no time!

Also, we have a stunning collection of pillar-style candle holders with grey and black patterns to provide a signature look to your home. So, are you ready to experience the artistic magic with our glorious centerpiece? 

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