Stay illuminated in the polished warmth of our luxury candle ware. Perfect to redefine your home lighting its edgy yet sophisticated votive candle holders and jar candles awaits you.

  1. Blue Sea Pillar Candle Holder, Large
    Special Price ₹907.20 "was" ₹1,800.00
  2. Blue Sea Pillar Candle Holder, Small
    Special Price ₹756.00 "was" ₹1,500.00
  3. Aurum Pillar Holder
    Special Price ₹4,410.00 "was" ₹6,300.00
  4. Bougeoir Champagne Pillar Holder
    Special Price ₹1,562.40 "was" ₹3,100.00
  5. Golden Ferrum Candle Holder
    Special Price ₹1,108.80 "was" ₹2,200.00
  6. Cosmic Pillar Holder
    Special Price ₹2,620.80 "was" ₹5,200.00
  7. Bougeoir Touch Candle Holder, Large
    Special Price ₹2,469.60 "was" ₹4,900.00
  8. Bougeoir Touch Candle Holder, Medium
    Special Price ₹1,461.60 "was" ₹2,900.00
  9. Bundle of Joy Glass Candles, Set of 5 assorted fragrances
    Special Price ₹1,296.00 "was" ₹3,600.00
  10. Lucid Agate Eclipse Pillar Holder
    Special Price ₹3,024.00 "was" ₹6,000.00
  11. Lucid Agate Parabola Pillar Holder
    Special Price ₹4,740.00 "was" ₹7,900.00
  12. Florida Glass Hurricane Stand
    Special Price ₹1,360.80 "was" ₹2,700.00
  13. Dangling Red Candle Holder
    Special Price ₹1,764.00 "was" ₹3,500.00
  14. Rouge Gilt Candle Holder, Set of 4
    Special Price ₹756.00 "was" ₹1,500.00
  15. Summer Meadow Ceramic Jar Candle
    Special Price ₹432.00 "was" ₹1,200.00
  16. Tropical Blossom Ceramic Jar Candle, (Set of 2 - Medium & Small)
    Special Price ₹792.00 "was" ₹2,200.00
  17. Magical Musk Glass Candle
    Special Price ₹504.00 "was" ₹1,400.00
  18. Gleaming Mosaic Candle Holder
    Special Price ₹1,058.40 "was" ₹2,100.00
  19. Glitterati Votive Holder, Set of 4
    Special Price ₹705.60 "was" ₹1,400.00
  20. French Lavender Bubble Glass Candle
    Special Price ₹504.00 "was" ₹1,400.00
  21. French Rose Glass Candle
    Special Price ₹432.00 "was" ₹1,300.00
  22. French Rose Ceramic Jar Candle
    Special Price ₹432.00 "was" ₹1,200.00

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Illuminate every room of your home and turn it into a living masterpiece with our luxurious range of candles and gorgeous candle holders. Our delightful scented candles, jar candles, and flawless candle holder stand add a perfect touch of glamour and sophistication to your living space. These stunning and artistic beauties soothe your senses and give a quintessential elegance that your home needs.

Buy Candleware Online & Add Luxury To Your Lifestyle


Whether you have a special someone coming over for dinner or you are hosting a get-together for your college mates to take a break from your daily routine, our exclusive collection of alluring candles and artistic candle holder stands can create magic. You can dress up your dining tables with our scented candles and jar candles, or you can prop our beautifully designed candle stand up on shelves to make every nook in your space more unique and more peaceful. 

Whatever the occasion, our candlewares' classic shades and trending designs lend a glorious charm to your living space.  


Distinct Candlewares To Give Your Home a Vintage Style


Have you been bitten by a creative bug lately? Is it making you explore refreshing designs of candle stands to revamp your home decor? If yes, you are in the right place. Our exquisite collection of candle stands is the splendid fusion of ancient and modern styles that can transform your space into an elegant craft.

You may get access to many creative candle holders in the market. But our candle stands are unique from the rest. Do you know why? It is because our candlewares are crafted for glory and glamour and complement your imagination. Also, these match your refined taste in ancient-style candlewares - The finest artwork for your home decor!

Are you someone who wants to leave a lasting impression on the guests by accentuating the home decor? Our beautiful pieces of art, the traditional candlewares, are here to assist you. Besides being traditional, these candle holder stands are classy and can instantly brighten up your ambiance. That is why they say traditional artwork never goes out of fashion! 

We also have attractive hanging candlewares in our collection that are delicately crafted to light up your home in the most graceful way possible. These pretty artworks can bring in liveliness and breathe life into your special occasions. So, what else do you need to make your abode a happy and aesthetic place?

We have the glass candle stand among various candle holders available online, which is finely cut into desired sizes and shapes and creatively embossed on the outer surface. These delicate candlewares have a history dating back to the 19th century, and even today, these vintage candle holder stands are used to amplify the glowing effect of candles and illuminate your space.


Our Candles Light Up Your World & Our Candlewares Make it Glamorous


There is a lot of science behind the light and beauty of candles. This epitome of illumination has been used since ancient times in various shapes, colors, and fragrances. And still continues to spread its light. 

While flowers and chocolates are always welcome to create a pleasant environment, nothing can beat the relaxing and tranquil atmosphere set by the candles, don't you agree? Amidst your busy schedule, you can have an inviting ambiance for both socializing and for solo time with the help of these candles that emit a warm glow. 

These also engage your senses and relieve stress. And the good news is, you can have it all with our exclusive collection of scented candles and jar candles. These have a subtle, balanced fragrance and give a harmonious feel to your body. So, be ready to unwind the perfect mood for your special moments with our pleasing candles.

Whether your candles are waxed or gelled in composition, they require support. And our beautiful candle holder stands are here to provide it. These are crafted by keeping the vintage French glamour and modern Danish style in mind. Our candle stand is an exquisite specimen of craftsmanship that casts an elegant glow on your home decor. So, complete the adornment of your sweet home with our magnificent candlewares.



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