1. - 19%
    D'or Fantasy Pillar Holder
    Special Price ₹2,090.00 "was" ₹2,595.00
  2. - 18%
    Bougeoir Touch Candle Holder, Small
    Special Price ₹2,290.00 "was" ₹2,795.00
  3. - 20%
    Bougeoir Champagne Pillar Holder
    Special Price ₹2,490.00 "was" ₹3,095.00
  4. Bougeoir Touch Candle Holder, Medium
    Special Price ₹2,790.00 "was" ₹3,495.00
  5. - 12%
    Anglican Vintage Candleware, Small
    Special Price ₹2,990.00 "was" ₹3,395.00
  6. - 14%
    Anglican Vintage Candleware, Medium
    Special Price ₹3,690.00 "was" ₹4,295.00
  7. - 22%
    Bougeoir Touch Candle Holder, Large
    Special Price ₹4,390.00 "was" ₹5,595.00
  8. Cosmic Pillar Holder
  9. Aurum Pillar Holder
  10. Lucid Agate Eclipse Pillar Holder
    Special Price ₹6,490.00 "was" ₹7,295.00
  11. - 19%
    Lucid Agate Parabola Pillar Holder
    Special Price ₹7,690.00 "was" ₹9,495.00

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Want a classy interior? Buy candle ware online.

Interior decoration is an art. If you want to expose your inner artist, then look for the empty spaces in your house. Try filling up those open spaces with the creative artist in you. Every artist requires some ingredients to paint on a canvas. Similarly, your canvas is your room. Try creating art with ingredients like candle holders. They are one of the best among the decorative home items. They not only light up your space but also your personality.

Find Different Types of Candle Wares online

The modern era has seen creativity rise high. High fashion is the new "in thing." People are exploring new styles with creative imagination. This is bringing a lot of new things to the market.

  • There are creative candle holders in the market. Be it hand-made or machine made. Several household things can now be used to make beautiful candle holders. The finesse of work and art is reflected through such items.
  • A house is just incomplete without an ancient style of candle ware. Since candle and its holders already have a creative history, people of refined taste are moving towards these vintage style home decor items. The ones who prefer ancient décor can choose to decorate their rooms with these candle wares.
  • Brass, copper, porcelain, iron, and various other materials are used to make candle wares. These are traditional methods. If you too want to hold on to tradition and class, nothing can be better than a traditional candle ware. These candleholders have always been there in fashion, and they look good in any thematic décor.  
  • Hanging candle wares are also quite popular these days. They are specially designed for the gloomy corner of your room. You get to Light up that cozy corner instantly.
  • Candle stands made of glass has its history lying back in the 19th century. It was inspired from the tall glass open shade, which was used in the chandeliers. It kept the flickering candle flame high in the open. The modern candle stands are a refined copy of those vintage designs. 

The Aura of Candles Back in History 

  • Taking the legacy of the early Egyptians, the Candle still holds the dignity of a family, a home, and a religious place.
  • Wax has always been a sign of good luck and health. Therefore candles have also been used in various health treatment processes. The spa parlours, too, find exquisite settings of aromatic candles.
  • There goes a saying that burnt candle fumes take away the negative energy from a house. This is why candles have served the purpose of being immanent since the pagan ages.
  • Candle holders have always served the purpose of being the element of the past. So, now you know how to belong to the past and its legacy through these home decors.

Most of us want to decorate our dream house like the movie sets of a European household. If those aesthetically lit cottages, straight out of a Hollywood movie, have always been your dream, then you must go for home decors like candle wares. There are various kinds of candle wares available world-wide. You can surely opt for designer candle stands and holders to decorate your apartment in that vintage European style. Seek and buy candle ware stands and decorate your apartment like the way you want.