The better part of the year 2020 had been a mixed fortune for most of us. The dreaded COVID-19 pandemic had taken its toll, eradicating the lives of tens of thousands, and bringing about economic, social, cultural, and economic turmoil globally. However, the dark clouds of the pandemic that loomed large throughout the world were not without the silver linings.

As the plague kept the majority of people quarantined and confined to their homes, we got ample leeway to redecorate and transform our living rooms. We got more than adequate flexibility to redesign our homes that perfectly reflected our readapted/readjusted working, hospitality, amusement, and learning approaches. Most interior designers, interior decorators, and luxury home décor specialists strongly feel people will opt for eco-friendly and affordable home design ideas.

Additionally, people will increasingly choose home decorative items made out of natural materials to render their homes more inviting. 

Luxurious feel yet minimalist in essence

As many individuals are now working and/or studying from their homes, they might want to redo their abodes by adopting luxury home décor styles trending in 2021. One home design idea that it is in vogue is the luxe minimalism model. You can spruce up your living room to embody this home décor style by installing home décor items crafted from natural materials such as Glass, Aluminium, and Iron.  

For instance, you can position decorative figurines such as this ‘tranquil coastal   gold heron figurine’ for creating an elegant feel with an understated minimalism. Alternatively, smartening up the bedroom or living room by properly positioning items of home décor shaped out or eco-friendly and sustainable materials also lends a semblance of serenity and contemporariness.

Furnishings that imparts an aura of coziness and warmth

2021 will also witness a good number of homebound individuals opt for some major transformations to make their homes ooze an aura of coziness and warmth. Many interior designers are of the opinion that people will try to revamp the ambience of their foyers and living rooms with antique divans and exclusive settees. You can buy velvet cushion covers online to accentuate the look of your furnishings in the living room and entrance hall. 

‘Staying in’ will become the ‘new normal’ when it comes to entertainment

Until the advent of the pandemic, we were used to entertaining and amusing ourselves beyond the four walls of our homes. Not anymore. The fear of contracting the COVID-19 virus has compelled people to make the most of their spare time by staying indoors. 

No wonder then that these days people are focusing on how to keep themselves entertained inside their homes. So you could see yourself going for a bigger home theater system, a larger sofa or a full-size LED TV. Why not go for a wall art or fresco to add to the aesthetics of your newly refurbished living room?

Extra accent on ultramodern luxury home décor accessories for living room

Comfy, stylized, and lavish seating typified by ultramodern luxury home décor accessories is another home design trend gaining extensive popularity. Keep up with the Joneses by going for larger sofas or couches, and place cushions with rich tones to put the emphasis on the furniture. At the same time, accessorize the space with home décor products like floor vases, décor bowls, center table accents, candleholders, and much more.

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