A sofa without a cushion is like gold without its glitter. Not only are the cushions an essential home decor, but they are the reason for the way your sofa looks. They are an important option for stylizing your sofa in the ways you see it - Dress up or dress down your sofa with cushion covers like the changing seasons.

Well-selected cushions covers can bring back to life an old sofa, change the style or even alter the entire sofa arrangement. There is a wide range of different types of fabrics that are used nowadays to manufacture cushions and their covers. Knowing the fabric that is right for the sofa style is half your work accomplished.

Experimenting with textures

How you decorate your sofa with cushions is a personal choice. What matters is the kind of material that is used in your cushion and covers. It might be trivial to some but using the right kind of fabric has its merits. It makes your sitting arrangement comfortable and also gives a personality to your furniture.

Some prefer using cotton and linen cushion covers because they are a better choice for people with sensitive skin and also great for the summers while some prefer Velvet cushions as they have a great decorative appeal and have a luxurious feel to them. You can also opt for hair on leather as a cushion cover fabric for that everlasting cushion life.

However, many of you would know that using the same fabric can be a little monotonous. By injecting different materials and fabrics you can highlight your sofa in ways that you never thought was possible.

What texture would you pick?

Experimenting with textures can be as elaborate or simple as you want. You can either create a visually attractive mix of different fabrics like soft linens, fluffy faux furs, and warm knits or you can keep it minimal and use cushion covers in the same fabric but different materials like velvet cushion covers or embroidered cushion covers.

Velvet cushion covers and embroidered cushion covers can be the centerpiece of your sofa and can actually draw in the eye. Have you ever thought about these beautiful textures?

Embroidered cushion covers make your sofa look beautiful

There are a lot of ways to enhance the look of your furniture. However, when it is about dressing your sofa, nothing comes close to embroidered cushion covers.

Hand Embroidered cushions are available in multiple color schemes and they can give life to any old or new sofa. Designed intricately, these cushion covers can easily become the showstopper in any living room.

With embroidered cushion covers, you can present your sofa set in a different light by going for the same color schemes for both the covers and the furniture. The designs within the covers give it an elegant look that differs greatly from the contrasting schemes which are predominantly used in room decor.

How you present your sofa with embroidered cushion covers depends on your taste and decor preference however, to get a wide choice of cushion covers online shop with Amorilio.

You can also check our range of velvet cushion covers that would make you want more.

Velvet cushions covers are a breeze of fresh air in a sea of patterns

Breaking from the sea of patterned cushions, velvet cushion covers offer you the limitless potential of creating new cushion displays. This soft furnishing gives an on-trend look to your furniture in a non-committal way. The velvet addition to your plain cushions makes your sofa look tasteful and not overwhelming.

The best thing about the velvet cushions is the feel. They are irresistibly fetching and have a timeless appeal. As luxury soft furnishing, velvet cushions are very durable and subtle. For those who do not prefer showy materials, velvet cushions are a real deal.

Available in a variety of colors, these cushions can be mixed and matched with any texture and placed on your sofa to spruce it up.

So, what do you pick? Embroidery or velvet?

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