Interior decoration explores your inner creativity, as Pablo Picasso has said: "I begin with an idea, and then it becomes something else". Start with decorating your home with cushion covers, and this little change will change the entire decor of your home. Challenge your old by making little cost-friendly changes with decorative cushion covers.

Not all cushions are placed at the right place; some are kept just as space fillers. Use these tips and plan the decor of cushion covers for sophisticated home decor. The famous interior stylist has said cushions are like red lipstick of the lounge; a decor can't be complete without it. 

Amalgamate the cushion cover with existing decor

If you want to renovate the decor with the existing style of your home, then opt for a colour palette that mixes with it. If your home is painted in light hues, then buy premium cushion covers that have distinctive fresh light colours. It touches the hues of pink, grey, and gold but has a washed lighter texture. If you are revamping the decor of the living room, then go for silhouettes that match with drapes and the colour of windows. You can keep decor vases and table accents to match with the embroidery of decorative cushion covers.

Layered texture in cushion covers

Don't be afraid to layer the texture of different materials on one couch. Layer the fur, velvet, linen, and cotton to make your room cosy yet modern. Layer it with lower to higher textures, for instance when you layer premium cushion covers layer the lightest material at first and add texture with fur or velvet. The decorative cushion covers make your home eclectic and chic. Buy embroidered cushion covers and fall in love with the softness of the material.


Vary cushion covers in size and shape

Cushion covers do not only give comfort but also used as a decorative item. Decorative cushion covers can be used in a multipurpose way. Check out online cushion covers of different shapes and sizes. To decorate the bedroom, you can buy cushions of various sizes, it elevates the decor of the bedroom and gives a sophisticated look. Some cushion covers look formal, break from this design, and buy an oval or oblong shape of cushion to make your home more welcoming. Buy decorative cushion covers that complement the design of the cushions.

Buy the material you love

The material of the cushion cover plays a crucial role in the charismatic decor of your home. A soft silk or linen premium cushion cover gives a classy vibe in the decor. If you want a comfortable cushion cover, then go for linen or cotton. Bring the essence of Egyptian art in decorative cushion covers. The exquisite premium cushion covers have handcrafted embroidery in the light cotton covers. Bring hand-embroidered cushion covers as a mark of class and style.

Give European texture in the decor with luxurious cushion covers.

The goldwork embroidery in cushion covers is an inspiration from 20th-century European art. The classic impeccable hand-crafted embroidery is alluring to watch. You can keep it in the armchair near the window. Place a decor vase and hang a vintage wall accent to tie up the decor in one theme. Bring home a cushion cover inspired by historical art and light up the ambience. You can bring this premium cushion cover at an affordable cost and change the entire decor of your home.  To complete the European decor with luxurious cushion cover, you can add candleware and vases as complementing features in the decor.