We do understand that your home and your living room is your ultimate ‘Nirvana’ point. It is where you rest, relieve yourself from  stress, dream, work and spend some memorable moments of your life. So, why not design your living room and spruce up its style statement ? Here are some home decor and living room decor ideas you can use up and make your abode comfortable and trendy -

‘Gorgeous to the hilt’ wall accents

Wall accents and wall art tend to add dimensions to your living spaces and make them stylish. You can use metal or canvas wall art as home decor items , which can  be hung or fixed on the wall. Metal wall accents are generally made of brass, iron or copper and give a realistic illusion to your living rooms. Marquina enamel wall art can also be used and is available in, mosaic, graphite, or marble work. Much of the beauty of wall art lies in its detail work.

‘Luxe comfort’ cushions

Cushions add luxe comfort to your living rooms. Velvet cushions or trendy hand embroidered cushions give a sophisticated look to your living rooms. These intricately designed cushions make your living room lively and ooze with comfort and style.

While choosing cushions, cushion fabric plays an important role. A good cushion fabric increases the durability of the cushion. They can be found in velvet, cotton and linen materials. Also, elegant cushion covers with intricate designs make the room look graceful and chic. One can easily arrange cushions of different sizes and give an urbanic look to the living spaces.

‘Decorative’ figurines

Figurines can be assorted to various types such as contemporary chic, the modern and classic, vintage figurines or animal art sculptures. Contemporary, modern and classic figurines are mostly found in matte surfaces while vintage figurines have an old era charm about them. Animal figurines, as the name suggests are animal sculptures.These types of artwork are not only stylish , but at the same time represent some idea or have a cultural reference. They are considered good omen. Home decor artefacts, definitely are the choice of connoisseurs.

‘Timeless’ vases

Vases is one interior decor item that is timeless. Flower vases not only make your living spaces artistically appealing, but also give it an aura of romanticism and bring positive vibes to your home. Amorilio offers a huge collection of these dreamy vases. They come in a variety of sizes and colours and will uplift the mundane ambience of your living spaces. 

In this era of the internet, you can easily shop these home decor items online. The online world is buzzing with creative ideas .Try to research and plan while shopping online and making the final deal. Online shopping allows you to choose from an array of ideas.

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