Designing your home in light hues and luxurious silhouettes is the modern trend to set ablaze in the coming years. The bandwagon of interior design and home décor has evolved over the years. The all-white bedroom and kitchens are still in fashion and according to lifestyle designers, it will grow in the coming years. The furniture, bowls, table accents are one-of-kind and are designed in detail to tell a story by the choices you make. Here are the trends of 2020 that you can look forward to creating your story by the hues of soft cushions and hard bowls.

Colour blocking tall vases against a white background

Are you looking for creating more space in the limited space of your room? Then try this design. Keep long vases of bright color or keep brass vase behind sofa or entertainment center. You can decorate the place with a long stem rose or lilies. This adds color to your monochrome background to lift the mood of your house. You can experiment with the material of the vase to create a luxurious design.

Roman décor for lavishness in your home

A lot of people like to time travel in the pages of history. Roman designs are known for luxury and lavishness. Roman-themed home focuses on creating a balance between your living space and furniture. You can use bold colors such as vermilion, bright yellow, cobalt blue. To create an environment for this design you can decorate the home with a mixture of these color cushions or sculptures of vintage and royal style.

Curvy shaped furniture

The interior design is not only for spacious rooms it is also for small rooms which makes your little space beautiful. One of the designs that are inspired from the late 60s and 70s is rounded furniture. Assemble of asymmetrical sofas and tables are more welcoming in 2020. The sofas are assembled in a closed circle that welcomes family conversation and provides a space to procrastinate in leisure time. The luxurious design is comfortable and welcomes people in limited space to have a better investment opportunity in home décor.

Mixed metals 

The shift to sustainable home décor items has created an obsession toward metal items. The metal assents have created a space in luxurious home décor. Furniture finishing in silver, brass, and copper are prominent choices. Bright white walls and metallic accents like acrylic lamps, shimmering mirror. These easy and stylish decorative pieces add texture to your home. Your home is unique so do the accents should be special. The contrast of a dark or bright color accent against the light-colored wall can make the look of your home modern and stark. 

A monochromatic living with a layered texture

The modern design plays with one ball of colour in the entire room. The light shades like olive, grey, blush pink are more prominent than ever. Home décor is planned on a single colour experimenting with different shades. Designing walls with wall accents and photo frame add color. Throw in some pedantic light and darker shade cushions and drapes to complete the look of your dream home.