A new season always demands a makeover in home decor.

Your living room during the winter should be a haven to relax and cozy up; therefore, it should be as pleasant and appealing as possible.

You can freshen up your living room with seasonal color palettes or rearrange your furniture layout. You can do them all and also keep up with the trends and style.

Here are effortless home decor ideas that can help transform your living room into a comfortable, snug setting for the cold winter months approaching.

Create A Cosy Mood With Candlelight Decor

Don't we love a warm atmosphere on a chilly winter evening?

To set the ambiance, turn off the lights in the living room area and switch to a warmer lighting arrangement to complement the darker evenings. It’s fantastic if you have a fireplace to warm up your space.

If not, don't worry!

You can still create a magical winter setting with candles alone. Candles are perfect home decor items for adding a warm touch to your living room area. You can buy scented glass candles, ceramic jar candles, or both.

The more, the cosier!

Arrange a bunch of candles on a coffee table or a side table near a window that does not have drapes. Such a setting will certainly create a cozy vibe. Also, make sure that lit candles are not left unattended.

Layer Up With Comfy Cushions

Plush cushions are classic winter home decor elements that add warmth and comfort to your living room setting.

If you layer up cushions on old, worn-out couches, they will not only provide comfort but will also give your living room area a luxe, winter appeal. They are one of the best budget-friendly home decoration items.

This winter, add a pair of velvet cushions along with triple-embroidered cushions to a large settee. Arrange them tastefully, and the cushions will add a luxurious and vintage aesthetic appeal to your living room.

You can also make a lonely corner chair appear lively by getting a bohemian leather cushion for it.

Rearrange Your Furniture To Create A Snug Setting

Ideally, we'd all like to spend our late-winter evenings curled up on a couch, wrapped in a crocheted blanket. On one hand, a captivating novel, and on the other, a steaming cup of ginger tea.

Many people prefer to arrange their furniture to make their living room appear bigger by spacing them out.

Sure, it works well!

However, in the winter, your living room space might appear distant and unwelcoming. One of the best winter home decor ideas is rearranging your furniture and giving your living room a snug appeal.

The most preferred layout is aligning your seating furniture in an L shape. This arrangement will not only create a snug effect but also make your room look spacious.

Underfoot, Add A layer Of Warmth

Imagine walking on a freezing floor that sends a shiver down your spine.

Unpleasant, isn't it?

Another one of the home decor items for the living room is floor coverings. Call them carpets or rugs; they are aesthetic decorations that give warmth and comfort to your feet.

To cover your living room's cold tiled floors and create a comfortable setting for everyone, you can use shaggy and faux fur rugs. You can also put a Pillar holder with scented candles in it in front of your reading armchair.

Replace Window Treatments, Insulate Your Home

Window treatments are an elegant way to complete the decor of any living room space. Not only do thick drapes provide a sophisticated touch, but they also help insulate any room, which can go a long way in the months of winter.

Replace the sheer summer blinds in your living room with sturdy, layered drapes to block the harsh, cold winter breeze.

During the winter season, thick drapes add colour, elegance, and depth to room decor. Therefore, choose colours that complement the decor of your home interiors.