India is a country of festivals. We Indians celebrate these festivities as an indispensable part of our lives. Whenever one talks about festivals, the obvious activities which go hand in hand with it are – shopping, sweets, gifts and most importantly Festive Décor. 

It is that time of the year again with Pujas and Diwali around the corner. As these festivals light up every corner of your life, it is also important to add that spark to your house with Diwali Decorations. Decorations at festivals are necessary as it sets the humour, emotion and becomes an important part of the event. 

The decoration is not only about placing things at the centre or in a corner. It is more about colour scheme management, aesthetics with a hint of personal style.

Festive Décor is incomplete without Table Décor as tables are mostly the centrepieces of a house and attract a whole lot of attention. If you want to update that table of yours, you can check out some Table Accents online. At Amorilio, we have the best of vintage styled Table decorative Accents which will surely charm you! Also, if you have a taste which includes foreign art patterns, you can surely get your hands upon Amorilio’s Asian and European styled Sophisticated Décor items.

There are certain home décor terms which would be the cherry on the cake of your Festive Décor, they are :


Flowers are significant when it comes to decoration, especially during festivals. Flowers add that special glow to your house when paired with the perfect Vase or Jar. They come in different shapes and sizes which you can choose according to the festival or mood of the event. For instance, where Glass vases are the best for fresh flowers, the Bouquet and the cylindrical-shaped Vases can be kept at the spacious corner in your house. They beautify that unnoticed corner in the most elegant manner! At Amorilio you can shop for a range of Jars and Vases right from those cute, sophisticated Jars to those elegant vintage styled vases


At any festival or a social gathering, the most crowded spot in your house is mostly the table. Thus it is important to decorate this centrepiece of your house with the best of the best. In our home décor section, you can find elegant table Accents which include the European styled ones too! You can also keep them near your bed lamp if you want to highlight your personal space. 


In case of festive décor, the most considerable choice for placing a figurine would be an area which possesses clear visibility and is not hidden by any other item of décor. The place should not be crowded by other items of décor or else they would steal away the beauty of the figurine. The most appropriate space to place a figurine would be the guest room; however, you can exhibit these timeless pieces in your dining as well as your personal space. Amorilio has a wide range of Exclusive Home Décor Items which caters to a wide variety of choices. If you choose Amorilio’s exquisite Heliodorus’s Elephant Dream Figurine for your living room décor, then you can consider Tranquil Coastal Heron Figurine for the other space of choice. 

This festive season if you are planning to celebrate along with some Diwali Decorations, you can consider Amorilio as your best partner. Under one roof you can get a variety of sophisticated décor along with creative and elegant designs. We would love to cater to your needs and be a part of your Festive Décor experience! 

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