Are you someone who likes to collect waste materials and transform them into a creative masterpiece? Then you will find this article enthralling and exciting. Here are some ideas that will help you to scratch your mind for renovating the home. Decorative bowls can be used for multiple purposes. You can keep candies for children's in-house parties or decorate it with exotic fruits at the dinner table. Make your personalized DIY bowl and design it so it contrasts with cushion covers and wall accents.

DIY Fruit bowl

The texture of the glass bowl is refreshing and attractive. So recycling decorative bowls into something that enhances the beauty of this bowl is fun. All you need to do is have an idea of what you want to transform into. For instance, you can decorate the bowl by using decorative pebbles and keeping fresh, exotic fruits. It enhances the beauty of the bowl and gives an opulent look to your home. You can place it at the dinner table or coffee table as a table accent. 

DIY vases and moss bowl

Transform your little decorative bowls into the crafty DIY bowl. You can plant a sapling in the bowl. Take a bowl and plant a sapling in the soil. You can grow a healthy indoor plant inside the bowl, and it will look elegant and creative in any corner of your house. Bring nature's love into your home in the crafty DIY bowl. You can assemble it with decorative vases to complement the earthy natural home decor. 

If you want to decorate the coffee table like a studio decor you can transform the decorative bowl into a DIY moss bowl. At first layer it with Spanish moss inside the bowl. Stretch it out a little to add volume in the bowl. Then layer it with green sheet moss to make it an attractive crafty DIY bowl. You can buy a bowl. Moss and decorative rocks online. Once it is ready, you can place it as a centrepiece.

Make a fountain at your home.

A fountain at your home! Doesn't it sound interesting? Yes, you can easily make a fountain with little creative skills and determination to make something creative that makes your home elegant. Take two PVC pipes and make an L-shape design. Paint it with colours and cover the edges with clay. Take a motor and connect it with the pipe. It will look like a tap run by a motor. Place it inside a decorative bowl and cover it with decorative rocks. Connect the motor with the battery and switch and for a crafty DIY bowl add some artificial plant as decoration. Once you pour water in the bowl and switch on the motor you will notice the water is flowing up in the tap and water is coming out like a fountain. This DIY is creative and classy. You can place it with candle holders for classic decor. 

DIY key bowl

The creative key bowl is in trend, it gives you a permanent space to keep keys, and it accentuates the decor of the home. You can make a crafty DIY bowl to keep your keys with decorative bowls. The low dip abstraction bowl is perfect for the key bowl. It has enough depth to keep the keys, and the design is eccentric that adds up in the boho-chic decor of your home. You can paint it according to the decor of your home. If you want to be crafty, then buy a decorative bowl and add colour marked clay pebbles so you can keep the keys according to the colour of your key ring.