Are you searching for ways to make your living room look super aesthetic and chic? Designer cushion covers are what you need right now. There are many ways how you can make your living room look classy and elegant. One of them is definitely some amazing cushion covers with European touch to it. Here, we will be talking about some tips and tricks when it comes to selecting the best cushion covers for your living room sofa set. 

Style your home with perfection and opulence by incorporating designer embroidered cushion covers. Decorative bed cushion covers add fluff and flavor in a simple bedroom décor setting.  

Fabric Matters

Investing in a bunch of cushion covers is gives a chic look to your home. Select two or more types of fabric to create a pattern in your room. Cotton, linen, velvet are the fabrics that are mostly used for cushion covers. To make sure your couch has an artistic look, you should integrate cotton linen cushion covers. If your apartment has minimalistic décor, then choose cushion covers of neutral colors. It will make your room more spacious. 

Cluster the cushions of different sizes in one corner of the sofa. Do not keep cushions that come out from the edge of the couch, it kills the look. 

Theme Gleam

Select a color scheme and theme for decorating your home with designer cushion covers. Before placing an order online for cotton linen cushion covers, you can give a thought of the theme you want to represent in your home. For bedroom, buy bed cushion covers of different sizes. At first, make a list of cushions you want and the sizes to create a contrast in your room. To make your room close to nature, you can buy floral design cushions. It gives a light and comforting ambiance in a room. 

If you are creative in interior design and consider vintage design as a bandwagon of fashion, then go for French-inspired embroidered cushion covers. Other popular designs for bed cushion covers are Egyptian print, Scottish white work, goldwork embroidery, and leather embroidery.

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It's All About Memories

Enjoying house parties with close friends and family makes your home alive. While you give your friends an invitation here, you need to think about the décor that's presentable and luxurious. The bohemian print embroidery on cotton linen cushion covers is soft to touch and gives a warm intrinsic feel. To create a homely feeling for sleepovers with friends, you can decorate the bedroom with comfortable bed cushion covers. Spread happiness and create memorable memories with friends while so the next time they party anywhere, they will think about your home.

A Reading Space ft. Nature

Enjoy your private space in the garden or balcony of your home. Decorate it with an indoor plant that does not need much care but brings you close to nature. Put an armchair near it with cushion in a cotton linen cushion cover and enjoy the sunlight with a book and coffee. Place cushion wrapped in Korean inspired cushion cover with patchwork embroidery. 

The Jogakbo Cushion Cover print has an Asian touch and goes well when placed in open spaces. It is a known fact that Koreans have the most thriving pop-culture designs. Bringing home a piece of it will give a chic look to your home.

Set a pattern for cushion arrangement in bedroom

Space conscious bed can still become overcrowded if the cushions are not arranged well. Pillow arrangement doesn't consume enough time while it gives a clean and neat look to your bed. The oldest and classic pillow arrangement technique is to put together two standard pillows, 2 euro cushion, and one small cushion. 

If you have a single bed, then design it with fewer cushions though attractive bed cushion covers. Put two cushions, one of standard size and other euro/small size, to give it an elegant look. For comfort and warmth, go for cotton linen cushion covers. Fall in sleep with love with the magic of comforting cushion covers.