When it comes to decorating your living room the process of curating luxurious home décor items, selecting a theme, pattern, and fabrics can be enthralling. Indulging into the process of home décor from scratch can give you a home of your dreams. While choosing decorative pieces can be overwhelming although some people unknowingly overfill the space. If you are a fan of minimalistic décor then your design should be a reflection of the space you left rather than decorative pieces you filled. To make your home more open and spacious bring a statement candle stand for table, that instead of capturing space it will captivate the space with elegance.

Chic, crisp and cohesive

The secret of a sophisticated living room is to paint in monochrome colors and add texture by accents. Pick your favorite neutral color between grey and beige and then place a candle stand for the table to make the look that meets the nexus around the space. Choosing of clean textured candleware will ensure minimalistic impactful décor. It would be everything but boring. The wall art can be decorated as wall accents to glam up your space.

Redefined vintage ideas

Fashion and décor are all about bringing back the old wrapped in modern design. The showstopper in bringing the vintage is Anglican vintage candleware inspired by European tradition and churches. The design of the candle stand for the table is impeccable and it defines elegance in your living room. Light up candles in this decorative candleware and make it the focal point in your room. All-white walls gleam up with positivity once you place the candleware in your room. 

Modern chic look

The modern look is defined by the austerity of the wall and accents that hung from it. Spruce the room with imaginative ideas that bring coherence in the look. Go minimalistic in living room décor place minimum furniture and keep most of the space open. Wall is the space that one notices when someone walks into the room. Make a feature wall fill with hanging plants and wall arts. You can add up framed photos of friends and family along with aesthetic wall arts. To avoid clutter on the wall make any wall accent the central point and place other accents in contrast to it.

Balanced and harmonized display

A multitude of candle stand for table adds drama and romantic aura in your home. Placing the candleware equidistantly brings patterns in the design. If you want to harmonize the display then put pillar holders on both ends of wall art or mantelpiece. The sleek design of the candle stand for table adds the perfect touch of elegance in the blend of vintage and modern. The set of three candleware on the edge of your table makes the look more open and royal. 

The abstract designer candle holders can be decorated near wall accent to give an aesthetic look. The magnificent design ties up the décor of your home.