The sublime time of the year where you celebrate the auspicious festival with friends and family has arrived. It's the time for dazzling lights, decorative home, and delicious sweets. Diwali decoration calls for innovative design ideas that spruce the home with colorful décor. Decorating your home with colorful lights, flower vases vibrant cushions adds up in the Diwali vibe. It is the time of the year where going bold in the décor is more exciting and enthralling.  Here are some ideas you can opt for Diwali decoration.

Candles and mystifying lamps

Diwali is the festival of lights, and you can't miss out on candles in Diwali. Exotic diyas, lamp holders, and candle holders are prominent festive décor items. The living room and the exterior part of the room decorated with candles in vintage candleholders make the room lively. If you have an extended balcony or garden, then decorate it with mystifying lamps in cosmic pillar holder. Decorate the decorative item with small candles and tiny colorful lights to create a magical aura in your home.


Hindus believe that drawing rangoli at the entrance encourages Goddess Laxmi into the home. The rangoli is made up of colorful colors and flowers. Rangoli in Diwali decoration embraces the soul of Diwali. The colorful design is made of chalk and colors. A rangoli symbolizes good luck and strength. To complement the design of the rangoli, you can put small candle holders as festive décor items to bring light in the design. 

Decorating with flowers

Flowers make the décor vibrant, aromatic, and colorful. The garlands are decorated at the entrance or in the door of your home, while fresh flowers can be kept in any corner of the room. Decorative flower vases as festive décor items of impeccable design glorify the home décor. Vases are essential festive décor items. It can be decorated in limited space while it creates a contrast to the monochrome design of the home. Tall vase with long stem flowers adds variance in the home. Selecting the right vase for home compliments the Diwali decoration and ties up the look in bold and light hues.

Royal look in Diwali puja

Diwali puja includes inviting of guests and exchanging Diwali gifts and sweets. The presentable royal look during Diwali puja intrigues guests and shows off your classy taste in décor. Diwali decoration involves the decoration of god Ganesh and goddess Laxmi. Decorate the puja area with garlands and flowers with decorative table accents. The animal figurine, like an abstract elephant or golden peacock, looks lavish and compliments puja décor. The festive decorative items like potpourri on the table, bright embroidered cushion covers add aesthetic value in the décor. 

Diwali gifts to give your friends and family

With Diwali, the spirits are revitalized with love, warmth, and care. Engaging in fabulous conversations with friends or family, gifting thoughtful Diwali gifts is the essence of celebrating festivals. Are you confused about what to gift to your friend this Diwali? Gift them love, time, and a box of home décor items. You can buy online festive décor items to light up their space with elegance. You can gift creative artistic wall arts and table accents. For instance, A Foliole made up of nickel is a perfect gift for the family. 

The look is flashy, and the detailed craftsmanship is worthy of the price. The leaf is symbolic to life, prosperity, and growth. Gifting this opulent piece as a Diwali gift will surely impress your friend. Gift your family and friends in traditional way with home décor and delightful goodies.