Going to renovating the décor of your home doesn't mean you have to change everything. You can make little changes by decorating the space with embroidered cushion covers. Cushions bright up the space with colors and vibrant designs. Plain and bold cushion covers are outdated; it doesn't add volume in your home, while designer cushion covers bring the aesthetic opulent and royal look.

A brand new designer, cushion cover can alter the overall look of your home. The materials available in the market for cushion covers are velvet, silk, linen, and cotton. Putting together different patterns and designs on a sofa makes the look quirky and classy.

Decorate library with knitted cushion covers

Build a comfortable, cozy reading space in your home to enjoy your 'me time.' Place an armchair of solid colors adjacent to your bookshelf and place a comfortable cushion on it. Bring color in your reading space by experimenting with the cushion cover. Designer cushion cover of various styles can give contrast to the opulent library. A place filled with books can get a change in décor with a simple knitted cushion covers

Cotton or linen cushion covers

Before decorating your bedroom and living room with stylish cosmopolitan designer cushion covers, you should pick the right material. Cushions are meant to be comfortable and easy on the back; it should give you a feeling of relaxation. Buying cotton or linen embroidered cushion cover brings elegance and comfort. 

The plush cushion cover of golden embroidery on a white background has a touch of ancient Egypt. If you have become a fan of Egyptian culture after watching the movie Mummy, then this is the piece you must keep in your home. The velvety touch has a smooth texture, and the embroidered cushion covers will add contrast to the Greyish home décor.

Mix and match with the décor

The pillow cover is a versatile décor item. You can put matching covers while if you want, you can try out different colors to add contrast. For instance, if you have all-white décor in your home, you can add Florence square cushion of white paint and golden embroidery to match with the décor. While if you have a quirky sense of fashion and a big fan of bohemian décor, then opt for Bohemian Leather embroidered designer cushion cover. It adds color in your décor, and the cotton material is soft enough to give you a peaceful sleep.

Spruce up space with knitted cushion covers

Without being old school upscale, the décor with designer knitted cushions covers. A whimsy design in then home with a bunch of cushions make the room opulent. You can arrange a bunch of cushions in the corner of your sofa with rich embroidery knitted in the cushion covers. The knitted cushion covers are on-trend in 2020. The design doesn't vanish. It comes in new forms; knitted embroidery has been part of fashion for years, and incorporating it in cushion cover makes the look plush and cosmopolitan. 

Give an ethnic look to your home.

The festive season is around the corner, and you must be stressing what theme to pick for home décor? Well, the solution is simple during the festive season, nothing beats an ethnic look. The embroidered cushion cover with the embroidered design is ethnic and luxurious. The blush pink, blue, white with golden embroidery looks like a piece of art on your sofa. To maintain the artistic streak in your home, you can bring small and rectangular cushion covers with knitted design on velvet covers. Buy online designer cushion covers at an affordable range and bring luxury in your décor.