Home is where the heart is. Our abode doesn’t mean just a concrete structure of four walls, it is a fruit of our labour and struggles and is made of lots of emotions. No wonder we want to encompass it with style and luxe comfort. And what better than decorating our living spaces with elegant cushions ?

Cushions and cushion covers come in various styles, sizes and materials nowadays. The internet is buzzing with ideas when choosing cushions online. Here are some quick tips to look out for when buying cushions online. 

Cushion color

Color is, of course, the first thing that comes to mind when buying cushions. The colour of the cushion needs to complement that of the room. Also, one needs to look at the color of the curtains, rugs and furniture as well, so that the cushions comply with the style of the living spaces. Good color coordination is visually appealing and uplifts the senses.

Cushion fabric

Cushion fabric is an important factor mainly because of the fact that it not only makes the room attractive, but at the same time tells about the longevity of the material. Elegant cushion cover designs graces the room and makes it look chic and sophisticated. When it comes to fabric material one can choose from velvet, linen, cotton, etc. Good fabric ensures easy maintenance and gives your living spaces a royal look.

Size and shape

It's a well known fact that a good and quality cushion filler defines the shape and structure of the pillow. A bigger couch will be complemented with a big cushion and a small seater with a delicate and small cushion. Also, one can use cushions of different sizes and arrange them in a way that they add dimensions to your living area. 


While selecting cushions also decide on the number of cushions. Comfort is a big factor while choosing cushions, but at the same time take care of the fact that you do not want to cluster up your living spaces. A big sofa or couch will obviously need more cushions than a small seater. One can experiment. However, make sure nothing looks out of place. 


One needs  to decide upon arrangement before buying cushions. One can arrange two small cushions on the arms and keep an array of small and medium cushions on the seat. Arrangement plays a big role in adding to the looks of the room. 

Buying cushions online may look like a no brainer and an easy job. However, choosing the right pillows for your living spaces needs the presence of mind and right judgement. Cushions may look  irrelevant to some people and  may refer to them as useless beanbags. But they play a much bigger role in  enhancing the aesthetic appeal of our rooms. 

Right size, shape, colour coordination, material and number of cushions accentuate the charm of our home sweet home and fill our mundane ambience with luxe comfort.

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