We are a luxury home decor brand. We offer an eclectic ensemble of classic as well as contemporary home décor products, blending elegance with minimalism and trendiness. We source & curate exclusive products to give you unique designs that exemplify the latest global trends.

The brand philosophy of Amorilio is profoundly embedded in the principle ‘Inspired Living’ that one can express his creativity through his selection of objet d’art. Taking a cue from the fact that most of us spend the better part of our life at home, we set about laying the foundations for an entity dedicated to promoting artistic home décor. We strongly believe that our abodes are an extension of our persona, and the objet d'art we use to embellish our homes highlight the home’s uniqueness.

Amorilio was born!

Amorilio is the brainchild of tech entrepreneurs Sonali and Sandeep Kapoor, who set up an online shop with the solitary goal of narrowing the gap between international markets and what is available to Indian customers. We curate and showcase a wide range of classic, Baroque, and modern home décor items on our online store. We bring to you stylish, innovative and high quality Decor pieces, Iconic Figurines, Vases, Classy Candle Holders, Plush Cushions and wall accents.

Our Mission and Vision

We travel places to source highly sophisticated products for you to adorn your home in a manner that looks distinctive. Right from the onset, we made a commitment to offer you original and innovative home décor items that’d leave a lasting impression on everybody and anybody who first saw them. If you glance through our home décor items, you’ll instinctively feel that they’ve a timeless appeal to them, and at the same time avant-garde.

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